Overactive Body’s defense mechanism And How to Balance It

An issue in our society today is toxicity. More than six billion pollutants were released into the environment in alone. Over the course of a lifetime we encounter thousands of foreign natural ingredients. Can Our Body Remove Toxins? Healthy Functioning Organs Detoxification refers to the body’s ability to transfer and eliminate toxins. Only water-soluble substances can be effectively removed from the body. Toxic compounds are customarily stored as fatty molecules and therefore do not dissolve easily in water.

The body therefore has the job of transforming these fat-soluble compounds into water -soluble compounds in order for the body to excrete. The Liver Once the liver is working properly, the liver takes toxins and accumulated wastes which built up in the blood and helps in their elimination. The liver will be the main poison control body organ. It breaks down virtually everything toxic to the body, from metabolic wastes, pesticides, drugs and alcohol, to industrial and food processing chemicals. Failure of liver function will usually cause death in twelve to twenty-four hours.

Once the compounds are water-soluble, they can be removed from the body via the kidneys and/or in bile/feces through the intestines. Tebu Bio is a key factor for proper functioning filtering system. This is where nutrition plays an important character. Unhealthy Functioning Organs Toxins and poisons formed internally, leak through the unhealthy intestine and to the liver. From there the toxins are not completely detoxified through the unhealthy hard working liver. Toxins are then recirculated in the blood and may contribute to long-term serious medical conditions.